Make Money by Pet Sitting

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pet_sittingIf you think you have the energy to provide TLC (tender-loving-care) to many furry companions, why not start up a pet sitting business to make money? Turn your love for pets into a pot of gold by opening a home business fueled by a simple passion. You don’t even need much capital to offer your services.

A pet sitting business simply requires your love for animals. Your willingness to serve other pet owners who want to leave their beloved cats, dogs, and whatnots to people who will care about them as much as they do is the right energy to fuel your enterprise.

Make a Nice Plan

Every business, big or small, starts with a nice plan. A well-thought, well-written business plan will give your ideas a guide so you can lead them to the success path.

First, you have to get a good grip on your potential market. You need to know the number of prospective customers in your area and how many competitors are already in existence.

Second, you must define what you want to do exactly. A pet sitting business may transcend from merely a care service for animals left behind by their owners to an ultimate pet care stop where various products, including the best vacuum for pet hair, will be available.

Third, you must review what could be your edge against your competitors and how you will push it to entice people to choose you instead. Would you allow an individual pet sitting service? Should you offer a pet pick-up? After deciding what you will offer differently, you must also think out how you will get the message across your target market.

Fourth, you must organize the workflow within your company. This needs careful thinking. You need to deliver the services you intend to offer. Your customer’s satisfaction rate will be your anchor towards staying afloat.

Fifth, you must manage money matters. Plan out where you will get your funding and how the financial flow will sustain the needs of your business. You must establish how much you need to get started with – to gather pet supplies, buy the best dog food for pitbulls, etc. – and how much is enough.

Pet sitting is a viable business, especially if you have the passion for animals to begin with.

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Setting Up a Graphic Design Start Up Company

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Graphic-DesignPutting up a start up company is usually seen as a get-rich-quick scheme. This could be attributed to the common notion that if Mark Zuckerberg was able to do it with Facebook, anyone who is geek enough can make millions too. Well, unfortunately, it does not work that way all the time.

Knowing the ropes

In setting up your own start up company, you must know the ropes of the business very well. Take note that a graphic design start up company can be a lucrative venture. It may not be as big as Twitter, Facebook, Google and the like, but there is substantial revenue from this undertaking. But first of all, you need to be either a graphic designer, programmer or a marketing expert. Also, you need to find business partners who have efficient background in any of the said fields.

Establish your budget

To do a start up entails some seed money. Although you can work from home, having a physical business office will help in promoting your services to your clients. A business office will build the image that you want to project, which is of course, professionalism. There are start up people who combine their financial resources to fund their initial operation. Others are lucky to find financers who will supply the needed money to make the business roll. If you do not have enough capital, you can always take a loan that you can pay later on when you start receiving revenues.


The most important aspect of your start up company is your clientele. The major source of your income will come from your clients so make sure to find them early on. Your clients may come from different sectors. You can work with realtors, doctors, business owners, entertainers and many more. Everyone nowadays want to develop their own website, especially in the entertainment industry.

Clients from entertainment groups

One of the known entertainment websites is Muso Tickets, which sells concert tickets of Imagine Dragons. Now this is a potential client in the future. In fact, this promoter has tied up with some noted web designers in the country who designed its ticket sales website. It will be good if you can get in touch with managers of Imagine Dragons to propose a possible business deal.

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Make Money in Your Music

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brunoThe music business is daunted with some challenges during these times that songs can be easily accessed through free downloads and cheap non-original CDs. So how do musicians thrive? They can outsmart technology by using it for their benefit. Some experts assert that having a large crowd or followers can actually help them up, but the first challenge is on getting that sufficient quantity of crowd. This is where they can take advantage of social media to reach out to their fan base, not just to sell products or promote performances, but also to develop relationship. After this first important step, what are the things they also need to consider?

  • Count your fan base. After establishing your presence in social media and reaching out to your fans, estimate their quantity through your active Facebook community, email list, Instagram and Twitter followers and blog readers. This will help determine if you can earn by selling your products (CDs or MP3s)
  • Keep the fan base growing. You can have an ideal number of fan base in mind and work towards achieving it. You can sell them your CDs and other merchandise. They can have a fan club that earns discounts and freebies. Make them feel important by personally inviting them for gigs or offering your performance on some of their family events.
  • Keep communication open. As you establish your online presence, know the facts. You can track which communication lines draw more following, or which of your social media sites are working. You can work hard to gain the trust of your followers by being one with them and encouraging interaction by taking time to personally answer their mails, mentioning their names, etc.

While music is first a hobby, why not work harder to gain monetarily from it? The truth is that there is such a thing as the music industry. Producers invest in your talent for they believe in you; that you have a following and that you can be successful and profitable. Do your part by considering the above tips. You can also see how successful performers made it on top, such as the Bruno Mars. You can watch how he performs and relate to viewers. Watch his concert by buying MusoTickets to see how he performs and relates to their fans.

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Tips To Achieve Personal Growth

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14c1007It is known that the only constant thing in this world is change. People change:  our beliefs, attitude, or way of thinking 10 years ago may not even be applicable at present time. Sometime we wish that when we change, it’s actually for the better because who doesn’t want a positive personal development? For those who feel like they are stuck in a rut and don’t know how to start on improving themselves, here are tips for you:

The first thing you have to put in mind is keeping a positive mindset. It’s a requisite to being successful in what you are trying to accomplish. For starters, the mind is a powerful thing and it must believe it’s capable of doing anything before it is capable of actually doing it. Being aware of your thoughts help—if you hear yourself thinking negatively, shun it immediately with positive thoughts.

While you are on the business of thinking positively, you should also learn to embrace problems as a way to grow-up. Not everything is within our control and problems would emerge at some point. It is easy to lose focus and give up, but do remember that you are stronger than what you think you are. Think of problems as an opportunity to be stronger in life and a chance to develop yourself more.

Another good tip is to savour the joy of simple pleasures. Some of the best things in life are free and if you appreciate what surrounds you more, it’s guaranteed that you’ll have a happier perspective. Also, finding a good hobby is something you can do: try wall climbing, attend music festivals or concerts with tickets purchased at MusoTickets, or any other activity that could help you get a positive outlook would surely help.

A great way to improve is pushing yourself more and getting out of your comfort zone. No great thing was ever accomplished by confining oneself in the same environment day after day. It takes courage to go beyond your comfort zone but you will be rewarded with great things.

One last important tip is to be committed of attaining personal growth. After all, it must really start from you.  You will certainly become a different person in a period of time, but how much you can change is solely dependent to you.

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Improve Yourself at Very Little Cost

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think, do, be positiveThe Internet is a smorgasbord of information that you can readily gain access to and you can gorge data as much as your mind can absorb. Moreover, if you think you had enough making your brain throbbed painfully, take a rest and get back to it the next day. It will still be there waiting for you to enthrall yourself while taking in all the information it can give.

Actually, no one really does research by exhausting every aspect of the net. They have all the information out there on the net and yet you see very few people actually doing some studies. Most would just visit the social networks and update themselves on the latest issues of their friends and families.

They visit just to find out whose birthday it is and what the latest gossips are. Possibly take a glimpse of some celebrity scoop or sports event or even a wee peek on some national or international bulletin about a disaster or war. Then they watch shows or movies or play games online. That’s it.

Only if the need arises like vital information for an office or school report, and only at that moment people start researching and surfing the relevant sites. After that, back to the social sites. Some would actually research on sicknesses and its preventive measures, alternative or complementary medicine. Somehow, that is the limit of their interest.

Most people do not realize that there are voluminous articles on the Internet on how to improve one’s personality or character, how to acquire skills and how to do things on your own.

Now, it is true that there are so many scammers on the Internet. They will beguile you to pay for information or books that supposedly will help you improve your well-being or your status in life including maybe a promise of more earnings.

In truth, most of these ‘get-rich’ or ‘miracle-cure’ ruses that ask you to give initial payments will only give you worthless information and possibly ask you to purchase other services from them so that their supposedly beneficial program will work.

Avoid rip-offs that will ask you to shell out cash. In the first place, they will not be asking money from people if their business is very lucrative. It only shows that they are in dire need of money too that they will stoop so low as to con unsuspecting honest people of their living. They are trying to use you and push you to do the same. Secondly, you are in need of money too so you should earn first before you pay them for their services for if you do not pay them then they can cut off their support making you lose earnings. It is a matter of synergy.

There are so many free courses on the Internet to help you improve yourself. Free sites on ‘how-to’ and DIYs can help you create the products you can sell on the Internet.

If you really need to spend then do it wisely such as paying for legitimate financial transactions (e.g. PayPal money transfers) or premium accounts for premium services. You do not have to spend so much to do business online.

After doing some research, training yourself or doing some business, take a break and treat yourself to a lovely concert show of Justin Moore. Check the schedules and get reservation tickets from Muso Tickets.

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Working for Your Own

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Tired of having to go the office every single day from 8 am to 5 pm and doing the same thing over and over again with your boss watching your every move? If you are not satisfied where you are at, then move for you are not a tree. This is what most business guru would tell you. Starting a business is not easy, it needs a lot of thinking time and research.


Do not only think of selling what you want to sell but think of the things that people want to buy. If you have a passion for comic books but you are in a suburb with lots of families then you can think of selling healthy, homemade bread. If you have enough profit and want to expand then you can diversify your business to comic books and collectibles for the children. Then you can go into the teenage market and offer to buy tickets for concerts and they pay can pay the whole thing for 2-3 weeks. It’s easy, example for Florida Georgia Line band you can just access Florida Georgia Line Zone and check their schedule and prices.

Get the Blood Flowing

By blood we mean money. Ensure that the customer is loyal and stays with you. One mechanism is giving of loyalty discounts. Example, if a customer wants a steady supply of bread he can pay upfront for one month with a 20% discount. If they want it delivered to their homes, you can charge a small fee. The key is: do not say no to your customers and make sure your customers are happy with the product and service. This is to ensure that your customers would buy from you every time.

Be Over and Under

Train yourself to over estimate your expenditures and underestimate your revenues. This is to prepare yourself for any result that may come; you can also work with or over these numbers. This is also to lower expectations thus you are required to work hard since you do not want your revenues to be equal to your spending.

Keeping Track

Always keep track of both your expenses and profit. This is for you to know when to continue or when to stop. Without a baseline you will not know if your business is earning or losing money. Every week, do an inventory with all your expenses and sales and make an analysis base on that. If 3 months and profit is steadily rising then it is time to expand, if the opposite is happening then it is time to re-evaluate your business.

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Tricks of the Trade: Starting Your Own Business Without Sacrificing Self-Development

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self-developmentStarting your own business is always an exciting venture especially since it can easily open a range of profitable opportunities. Most people have come to realize that becoming entrepreneurs is their true calling so instead of working at an 8-5-hour kind of job, they think of the things that interest them the most and open their own businesses in relation to this idea.

However, what some entrepreneurs and new business owners tend to forget is the importance of self-development and growth. Yes, most people decide to start their own business because they want to focus more on themselves but the minute their schedules become too busy, it becomes nearly impossible for them to live up to their initial desire. So what can be done?

How to Not Sacrifice Self Development as a New Entrepreneur

There are a number of different ways on how new entrepreneurs can ensure that their self development is intact at all times.

  • Always keep communication lines open. The first thing to do is to ensure that all communication lines within the business as well the personal life is kept open. Create a work environment wherein the subordinates can easily communication with their superior especially if it has to do with the business itself.
  • Practice fairness. Since you were also an employee once, you would know how unappealing it is when business owners or bosses do not practice fairness in all of their engagements. Thus, make sure that you avoid being this kind of boss and it will surely benefit your personal growth and development as well.
  • Always find time to laugh. No matter how challenging your business engagements might become, always make it a point that you have the time to laugh. There are so many things you can laugh about and there are so many people who can make you laugh for sure.

Find the time to always look for opportunities to laugh with your colleagues, family and friends. Incidentally, the Daniel Tosh Zone might be of great interest to you and to the people you love.

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Online Marketing for Start-up Businesses

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Successful-Online-BusinessNew businesses born in this technologically developed age have a number of advantages that can really be put to work for them. For one, building a clientele is faster with the help of both on-site and online marketing strategies. Locational limits are no longer much of a hindrance; for those you are unable to reach locally, you can definitely connect with via the world wide web.

There are many tools and aids a business can employ in order to boost marketing and sales efforts. Thru the internet, product information can easily be shared and getting people knowledgeable, interested, and decided on purchasing your product is very much doable. A number of things to be taken in consideration are listed below:

  1. Your business website is your basic and primary means of marketing. Building an attractive website is most crucial to driving customers to your online business site. Web design must be appealing and easy on the eyes. Pages must be uncluttered, readable, and easily navigated. Company information must be complete without overwhelming; conciseness is key. Full contact information should be available. Let people know how you can be reached and ensure that all inquiries will really be attended to once prospective clients make contact.

New businesses can avail of web hosting services. Different packages are available for choosing. Pick one that will meet your company’s particular needs. Some offer packages which include web development, containment, and maintenance. Web hosts store all your files and website information and happenings. They help businesses gain online presence quickly and affordably.

Make sure to choose a host that can provide reliable and optimum speed and hardware. Connection must be high- speed, preferably at T3 minimum. Unlimited bandwidth is a better preference. Confirm that back-up systems are provided for. As to space, leave room for expansion. Don’t limit your website to small MBs. Prices are competitive nowadays, you can definitely find a provider that offers good amount of space at a good price.

Other basic features which must be provided are: domain name registration, free and prompt technical support, multiple e-mail accounts which customers will contact you at, e-mail forwarding and auto-responders, file transfer protocol which is necessary for file sending, web statistics for accurate traffic monitoring, secure server, and more importantly, shopping cart software. Shopping cart facilitates purhcases; choose a web hosting service that offers good cart packages.

  1. Content Marketing helps build rapport and loyal following.  Your website should not contain company product and service information alone; that would be very limiting. You would want them to keep coming back even after a purchase has been made already. Also, diversity as to content will drive more prospects into your site.

Establish authority and gain trust by providing valuable content that will be useful for your targeted visitors. Provide helpful information relevant to your type of product or service industry. If you are into medical product sales, produce helpful articles in the area of medicine or health. Release eNews, newsletters and journals, case studies, etc. that people will find helpful. This will guarantee more visits to your site. Provide engaging content for your specific type of audience.

Freelance writers may be hired directly for this need. You discuss the work requirement and deadlines and the writer or writers are put to work. You may also hire specific companies that have a pool of freelance writers already. The contracting company will take care of the topics that your site should cover and will handle all writer assignments. You may opt for that if it’s more convenient.

  1. Social Media Marketing provides more channels for exposure and promotion. Years ago, social media networks were just a few; businesses had limits in their marketing campaigns. It’s no longer the case. Make social networks work for you. Take advantage of the venues the following provides for your business: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Tumbler, various forums, blogsites, and many more.  Through these mentioned, you can build an audience across various channels; brand equity is also achieved as more and more people are exposed to your particular brand, logo, and company name.

social_media_marketing_management_servicesFreelancers and specific marketing companies may be hired to handle social media marketing efforts. Check for quality regularly and make sure that the one you hire will not simply spam pages and user accounts.  Social Media Marketers must be able to join and contribute to discussions in meaningful and creative ways. Content provided must be relevant and valuable, otherwise, your company may be blacklisted or blocked.

Place more value on quality rather than quantity. A lot of marketers can deliver a big quota on connections, however, connections may be shallow or irrelevant. Hire marketers who can put focus on making connections via meaningful content, post, and discussions; thus enabling strong connections to your targeted audience and customers.

With high quality and meaningful marketing content, your company gets broadcasted even more; your online audience shares it with their own contacts, and so forth and so on. The sharing, reposting, and discussion of your original content opens entry points by which Google and other search engines are able to find it via keyword searches.

It is necessary for your company to back all social media marketing efforts with good contacts. Connect online with people who have authority to support and advertise your product, and don’t simply advertise and market; be available to develop deeper relationships with people you connect with. Acknowledge and respond to people who contact you, who leave you messages online. Don’t simply share, be there to answer comments and to clarify information when requested. Don’t simply publish and move on. Publish content and advertisement, then regularly check for updates and comments made.

  1.  Various online advertising programs still work. In efforts to save money, a lot of businesses do away with online advertisements. Although that is allowable, it will be an unfortunate waste of opportunity if you do away with product and service advertisements. A lot of online classified sites offer free listing. Take advantage of that.

Pay per click advertisements (PPC) direct traffic to websites. You just pay website owners whenever your ad is clicked. Search engines provide pay per click ads; when keywords searched match your company product or service, you get published and if a searcher clicks on your ad, you get traffic instantly.

For online advertisements you may also choose from the following:  AdWords Ads, Bing Ads, Social Media Network Ads, Google Display Ads, Reddit Ads, Mobile Ads, In-Game Ads, Email Ads, Gmail Ads, YouTube Ads, among others.

Business Marketing

Important Information For Blake Shelton Concerts

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You already heard the news, its all over the internet, Twitter, Facebook and the news, that Blake Shelton is going on a tour. The loyal fans who followed his career path to success understand what it means. They know that it is almost time to make a move because if they are not quick they’re going to regret not buying the tickets.

This SEPTEMBER AND COMING NOVEMBER are going to be the greatest months this year. On 2016, the man who had become the most beloved of all fans, Mr. Blake Shelton is going live. Blake Shelton concerts are going to be amazing, so you have to fight for your lives to grab and to reserve the best seats available for you, for your friends and for your family. Be at his presence and grab the chance to listen to this beautiful music by following the schedule of the month of September and November.

Here are some of the updated information for the schedules of both SEPTEMBER AND NOVEMBER:

09-15-16 7:30 PM Peoria Civic Center – Arena
Peoria, IL
09-16-16 7:30 PM
Xcel Energy Center
Saint Paul, MN
10-01-16 7:30 PM
TD Garden
Boston, MA
10-06-16 7:30 PM SNHU Arena
Manchester, NH

There are more information if you check the highlighted link. What you can see above are the scheduled dates for Blake Shelton’s live concert, but there are still more if you miss any of these schedules by clicking the link.

Now, that you are armed and ready with the knowledge of the official dates of his concert, be sure to set your clock in alarm as to not miss your meeting. Because meeting the big man himself is important to you. You know that you are a fan of country music and having Mr. Blake Shelton is an added bonus for you. Not only is he famous since his introduction back at 2001, but thanks to his singing voice and his original music you are already spellbound. He has become a classic and you feel nostalgic to see him back on stage.

What’s not to like about the man who can do anything? He has experienced in acting, teaching and has already become a well-known and popular guy. His music has given him many opportunities that made him recognizable and stood out from the crowd. Not only is he popular among his fans but he has a kind and compassionate heart. Since the incident back in 2013 where the tornado strikes, innocent people have suffered the catastrophe and were homeless. Blake Shelton had set up a charity even in order to raise money to send medical supplies, food and survival kids in order for the victims a chance to fight for their survival.

The man has taught a lot of people and has become an inspiration to specific people. Seeing him visiting your home town or city just to sing his passion, you seriously don’t want to miss this.

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The Hit Singer is Also an Entrepreneur

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Katy-Perry-by-Mark-SeligerIt started with Purr, and Meow. Now it’s Killer Queen. The entrepreneurial side of Katy Perry is on the rise. In late 2013, Katy Perry partnered with perfume giant, Coty Inc. to create and market her very own line of katy perry perfume. Katy Perry worked with them for her newest signature fragrance- Killer Queen.

Katy Perry is not only an accomplished entertainer, singer and songwriter. With her line of signature fragrance collection, she has started to have the entrepreneurial mindset. As is typical with all entrepreneurs and their respective products, Katy Perry has an obsession for fragrances. This obsession runs in the family, specifically her father. Katy refers to her father as the “king of cologne” because he loved having one so, much that this was all he wanted each Christmas.

Growing up as a middle child in a conservative Christian family in Santa Barbara, California, Katy’s family did not always have enough. To satisfy her father’s obsession for fragrances, all siblings would chip in so they could buy a bottle of cologne which he would stretch for a year. After creating one multiplatinum hit after another, Katy Perry gifted her father with a basket filled with 65 fragrances for his 65th birthday.

Katy Perry’s line of fragrances sits alongside Coty’s favorite and impressive fragrances which include Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Chloe and Playboy. Katy Perry’s talent and creativity complemented by her wanting to be daring and original, not to mention her unique style music was the inspiration behind the creation of innovative scents in her line of fragrances. At, Katy details the unique scents of her fragrance line.

Katy Perry, born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, rose to fame with the huge success of her song, “I Kissed a Girl,” released in 2008 and which topped the charts in more than 20 countries. Since then Katy has been a churning up one billboard hit after another, with her latest album, “Prism,” having three hit singles: “Roar” (No. 1, Billboard Hot 100); “Unconditionally (No.14); and “Dark Horse.” She will be on a world tour this year to promote her “Prism” album.

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How To Open Your Own Furniture Business

Posted on February 9, 2015 By

AN-JAMES-FURNITURE_t598If you have a passion for making a room or a house more comfortable and pleasant to live in through the use of furniture, then you might want to consider starting a furniture business. With almost everyone today looking for the perfect furniture for their living space, your passion can easily turn into a source of income. But apart from passion for furniture, you will also need a capital, some effective business strategies and determination to make a furniture business successful.

The following tips below can help you successfully build your own furniture business whether you are out to sell unfinished frames, wooden cabinets or even modern sofas.

  • You must start by choosing what type of furniture store you want to open. There are different customers for every type of furniture: unfinished frames would appeal more to art lovers, wooden cabinets would be attractive to the Asian population and modern furniture are the love of young bachelors.
  • Do a feasibility study as to how many competitions you have in your choice of furniture business. It would be a waste of capital if you instantly open a furniture business which has too many strong competitions. So before even opening your furniture shop, be sure to know how many stores have a similar business, how much they sell their furniture for and whether such furniture appeals to consumers.
  • Create an effective marketing plan. A successful business is a result of a sound marketing plan. You must be able to anticipate what costs you will have to pay before you start your furniture business. This may include the following:
    • Cost of the shop venue, inventory and delivery
    • Cost of pre-opening, opening, and post-opening advertisements
    • Cost of taxes, accounting, loans and payment for employees
    • Amount of possible revenue
    • Amount of setting up an online furniture store
  • Earn your business capital. Rather than relying mainly on a loan for your furniture business start-up, you must consider saving up a portion of your salary to add to your capital because a big amount of loan is harder to repay and incurs much higher interests.

Running a BusinessStarting a Business